MicroBlog tool

from Obvious Corp (later renamed Twitter)

launched Mar21'2006

I joined Mar15'2007 (right after its big splash at SXSW), number 1,239,971 (first tweets)

Old notes


the re-invention of Finger for Presence Detection - integrated with the web, Instant Messaging, and SMS

Apr'2010 -

Apr'2008: has 200k users active in the last week?

Twitter Vision is a pretty wild GeoTag app.

Search Engine for tweets:

Original Jack Dorsey sketch , original idea started in 2000. One night in July of that year I had an idea to make a more "live" Live Journal. Real-time, up-to-date, from the road. Akin to updating your AIM status from wherever you are, and sharing it.

Mar'2008: Common Craft video

Merlin Mann tweets Twitter is Golf for Nerds

Good for a Full Time Network? 2004-04-03-FullTimeNetwork

open API - - if wanting to build decentralized Twitter (Open Social Networking Model), would you clone this?

how/why do people use it

  • what they write

    • ambient status messages: original intent (see Jack Dorsey quote above)

      • this is where Mobile comes in
    • LinkBlog (plus promote own blog posts)

    • disposable Live Blogging, with possibility of conversation (during debates, big conference speeches)

    • LazyWeb requests (mainly for info/resources, not for someone to build something)

    • other disposable MicroBlog, Brain Fart-s

    • art: haiku/poetry, Game Playing with constraints (e.g. Paul Ford 6-word notes)

    • replies to other tweets: Live Chat

  • what/who/why they read

    • keep fuzzy sense of what their Social Network is up to on personal level

      • esp those who don't have blogs? I suspect vast majority of Twitter users, for now, have blogs.
    • hear important news faster than even Blogosphere

Too important to be controlled by 1 company? Possibility of Open Twitter?

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