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Design for the World Wide Web

It does not matter much in most (functional-value-delivering) cases. There are plenty of successful Ugly Websites out there. And just using BootStrap to achieve non-Ugly is almost always Good Enough. What do I mean by not-matter-much?

  • when a business fails, it's almost never because of their web-design, it's usually about the offering not being compelling
  • gains in business metrics from "improved design" are (almost always) marginal once you're over the "BootStrap bar"

The above might not be true if you have a true A-player as designer, but in most products you don't need that.

"It" has mostly always been bad, because designers/managers tend to push beyond what the browser is good at (at a given point in time), in trying to mimic other media (esp magazines).

These days it sucks more because of

old notes

see also CSS

Need some references for decent-looking WebLog-s, to tweak the template for WikiLog usage. Need:

  • focus on content, not shmutz
  • design that looks good for long single-story pages, as well as listing page
  • when looking at example, need to bump up font size to where I like it.

Examples from ~2005:

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