Zvi Mowshowitz: Paxlovid Remains Illegal: 11/24 Update. What Alex Tabarrok called The Paxlovid Paradox is getting noticed by the people who notice such things, and completely ignored by everyone else. I’ve split off this week’s Paxlovid update to help make the situation easier to notice, and easier to remember and reference later, lest we forget. (more)

Zvi Mowshowitz: Covid-19 11/18: Paxlovid Remains Illegal. (more)

Zvi Mowshowitz: Omicron Variant Post #1: We’re F***ed, It’s Never Over. The last day has seen the imposition of new travel restrictions and spreading alarm about the Omicron variant. It sure looks like a repeat of what happened with Alpha and Delta, as well as the original strain back in early 2020, and that we are probably doing this again. (covid-19) (more)

Balaji Srinivasan: The Network Union. the network union, a social graph organized in a tree-like structure with a leader, a purpose, a crypto-based financial and messaging system, and a daily call-to-action. cf DAO, cooperative (more)

Venkatesh Rao uses the term Positioning for 7 dimensions of business Flow State (Business Strategy). If the S-Curve-s are clustered close together in time, you get one big Aha! Otherwise you get a series of smaller Ahas! All 7 must be switched on. Otherwise you’ll get a change in emotion and energy, but not a true business positioning. The characteristic sign is that you get a frenzied, high-anxiety, manic energy tempo instead of a harmonious, vigorous and steady tempo. I call the former the “fire alarm” situation, and it will collapse if it isn’t corrected. (more)

Inventor of SmallTalk, a father of OOP, conceiver of the DynaBook in 1968. Was at Xerox PARC 1970-1980. At Atari 1984-1984. Became an Apple Fellow in 1984. During that time he started Squeak SmallTalk. He later moved to Disney for a few years, which he left in Sept'2001. Worked on Open Croquet at HP 2002-2005. (more)

The Digital Movie Creator Digital Camera, from the Intel Play division (since closed). I shouldn't call this thing the IntelPlay, because the division made other products, but "Digital Movie Creator" is just a horrible name. (more)

A cross between File sharing and Photo sharing. Wanting to be able to have an inline image in a HTML page (from a dynamic webapp) (esp when that webapp doesn't want to do the hosting itself). (more)

Pondering how to Integrate Images And Files Into WikiFlux (for both WikiLog and PrivateWiki. (more)


A decentralized autonomous organization (DAO), sometimes labeled a decentralized autonomous corporation (DAC), is an organization represented by rules encoded as a computer program that is transparent, controlled by the organization members and not influenced by a central government.[1][2] A DAO's financial transaction record and program rules are maintained on a blockchain.[3]:229[4][5] The precise legal status of this type of business organization is unclear.[6] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Decentralized_autonomous_organization A well-known example, intended for venture capital funding, was The DAO, which launched with $150 million in crowdfunding in June 2016, and was immediately hacked and drained of US$50 million in cryptocurrency.[7] This hack was reversed in the following weeks, and the money restored, via a hard fork of the Ethereum blockchain. This bailout was made possible by the Ethereum miners and clients switching to the new fork.[8] (more)

My Calling: Reality Hacking to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom and Opportunity and Agency (Enlightenment, Becoming a Reality Hacker) for many people via the D And D of Thinking Tools (software, Games To Play, Fractally Generative Pattern Language) that increase the Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (Product Team, SmallWorld, Network Enlightenment). (more)

Gina Trapani of Postlight: Ten Technologies to Know in 2020. Here are 10 of the technologies, terms, and tools to know about in 2020. (more)

Elixir is a functional, concurrent, general-purpose programming language that runs on the BEAM virtual machine which is also used to implement the Erlang programming language.[3] Elixir builds on top of Erlang and shares the same abstractions for building distributed, fault-tolerant applications. Elixir also provides productive tooling and an extensible design. The latter is supported by compile-time metaprogramming with macros and polymorphism via protocols. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Elixir_(programming_language)

Talking to OpenGlobalMind folks has me pondering ways to nudge toward an Optimistic Near Future Vision. map (more)

Packy McCormick: What's On Deck for On Deck? Today, On Deck is announcing that it’s raising a $20 million Series A led by Keith Rabois at Founders Fund. (more)


This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Digital Garden (17k pages, starting from 2002) of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO). (You can get your own pair of garden/note-taking spaces from FluxGarden.)

My Calling: Reality Hacking to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom, Agency, and Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (SmallWorld) via D And D of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play).

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