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Whenever you spend some time on a Project, you should write a note about that "session". It can include (more)

book by Charles Murray - Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010 ISBN:978-0-307-45342-6 (more)

Megan McArdle (born January 29, 1973) is an opinion columnist and blogger based in Washington, D.C. She writes mostly about economics, finance and government policy from a libertarian perspective. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Megan_McArdle

Ross Gregory Douthat (/ˈdaʊθət/[1]) (born 1979) is an American conservative political analyst, blogger and author and New York Times columnist. He was a senior editor of The Atlantic. He has written on a variety of conservative topics, including the state of Christianity in America and "sustainable decadence" in contemporary society. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ross_Douthat

Fresh links lately to Donella Meadows' identification of places to intervene in a Complex System. We know from bitter experience that when we do discover the system's Leverage points, hardly anybody will believe us. (more)


ADD: A Different Perception ISBN:1887424148 by Thom Hartmann (more)

InterWiki links are a quick way to refer to information in other wikis, without having to remember long or cryptic URLs. To create an InterWiki link, just use the InterWiki name of the foreign wiki, then a colon (:), followed by the name of the page on that wiki. (more)

A notation for linking to pages on other wiki servers. Here's an example: (more)

In May'2020 I use: (more)


Remove Disqus BlogComments From my Wikilog - the huge amount of crap-webad-space wasn't worth the low amount of engagement. (more)


This is the publicly-readable WikiLog Thinking Space (est 2002) of Bill Seitz (a Product Manager and CTO) (also a Wiki-Junkie).

My Calling: Reality Hacking to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom, Agency, and Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (SmallWorld) via D And D of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play).

See Intro Page for space-related goals, status, etc.; or Wiki Node for more terse summary info.

Beware the War On The Net!