Karl Schroeder: Noon in the antilibrary. ...today I’m talking to Marius Rivas, the founder and CEO of Augmented Manners.” She turned to him with a smile. “Marius, you’ve called it ‘the first true political app.’ It’s just a phone app, but it has this magic ability to get people working together. How does it do this?” (more)

Po-Shen Loh: Building Human Intelligence at Scale, to Save the Next Generation from ChatGPT. Our children's future employment prospects (and current educational experience, with ChatGPT-powered cheating) are in existential danger. There is an area close to mathematics, however, which devises solutions in which problems solve themselves even through self-serving human behavior: game theory. (this is a good peer-progressive story) (more)

a business metric that's a leading indicator, an output, which you believe you can improve, and believe that will lead to a positive outcome.

Two men from Delaware, Ohio, who went viral after wearing custom-made T-shirts reading “I’d Rather Be A Russian Than A Democrat,” are pushing back on criticism that they are “traitors.” (MAGA) (more)

it's nice to base plans on the idea of being Always On, but in the short-term (at least), data needs to be replicated (Data Synch) for Off-Line access (data and processing). (more)

Dan Hon: s09e19 : The Device Becomes The App? I grab my 2018 12.9in iPad Pro, magnetically stick it to the Magic Keyboard, make sure I leave the Pencil on my desk, and carry the whole thing outside, sit myself down and start writing. (more)

This thread-post on ReST has lots of history. *I guess a better question is: if Roy hadn't bothered to develop (more)

Dare Obasanjo says the Atom Standards aren't good. Responses by Bill De Hora and Joe Gregorio, among others. (more)

Daniel Schmidt: Strategy, Systems Thinking, and Being Wrong. After a company achieves product/market-fit, things get complex. (more)

A-Frame is an open-source web framework for building virtual reality (VR) experiences.[1] It is maintained by developers from Supermedium (Diego Marcos, Kevin Ngo) and Google (Don McCurdy). A-Frame is an entity component system framework for Three.js where developers can create 3D and WebVR scenes using HTML. HTML provides a familiar authoring tool for web developers and designers while incorporating a popular game development pattern used by engines such as Unity... Mozilla Hubs Chat room software uses A-Frame. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A-Frame_(virtual_reality_framework)

Mitchell Baker: A New Chapter For Mozilla. I have decided to transition from the role of CEO of Mozilla Corporation back to the position of Mozilla Corporation Executive Chairwoman, a role I held with great passion for many years (more)

Daniel Schmidt: Metrics-driven product development is hard. (Data-Informed Product Management) The way that the FAANG companies use metrics to build products is vital to their success. They invest an army of people and homegrown tools to pull it off. My last article, Balancing short-term and long-term product bets, describes Google's process. While the very top companies are great at using metrics, after talking to the hundreds of PMs who signed up for DoubleLoop.com, I’ve learned that almost everyone else is struggling. (more)

Tom Critchlow: Some Notes on Executive Dashboards. Why are executive dashboards so bad? These days it’s less a case of completely missing reporting (though that still happens) but rather the things the executive team are looking at regularly lack any real insight into the business. (more)

John Cutler Dec'2019 ebook: The North Star Playbook. Tia was feeling burned out. Her company seemed caught in a perpetual cycle of shiny objects, success theater, false starts, and vague pivots-by-PowerPoint. Just when they hit their stride, something would change. It felt like they were always talking past each other. (more)

John Cutler: TBM 55/52: Making a Model (Step-by-Step). Note: This process took about 60 minutes. To do this right, you would need to 1) invite collaborators, and 2) spend more time. (He saves/shares a Miro board at each step.) (I see this as leading to Diagram of Effects, an Opportunity Solution Tree, and a North-Star Metric.) (more)


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My Calling: Reality Hacking to accelerate Evolution by increasing Freedom, Agency, and Leverage of Free Agents and smaller groups (SmallWorld) via D And D of Thinking Tools (software and Games To Play).

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