Adrian Hon and Dan Hon ponder how QAnon can be modeled as an ARG. Makes me wonder if we should fund or subsidise “healthy ARGs”. There’s precedent for other media. (more)

Past and present reads. See esp. Greatest Books (more)

Cory Doctorow on QAnon. *Why is belief in conspiracies is surging in the first place? (more)

Martin Cagan on Coaching - Strategic Context. Ensuring the product manager has the necessary understanding of the broader business context in which her team is operating. (more)

Martin Cagan on Vision vs. Strategy. in this article I want to talk more about product vision, and especially how important the role of product strategy is in delivering on the product vision. (more)

Adrian Hon: What ARGs Can Teach Us About QAnon. ARGs teach us that the search for knowledge and truth can be immensely rewarding, not in spite of their deliberately-fractured stories and near-impossible puzzles, but because of them. It’s hard to create these communities. They rely on software and tools that aren’t always free or easy to use. The beauty of ARGs and ARG-like communities isn’t their power to discover truth. It’s how they make the process of discovery so deeply rewarding. (more)

Martin Cagan on Product Strategy - Insights. the most difficult, aspect of product strategy, which is to generate, identify and leverage the insights that will provide the foundation of the product strategy (more)

Martin Cagan on Product Strategy - Focus. The importance of truly “picking your battles” as an organization. (more)

Martin Cagan on Product Strategy - Overview. how do we decide which problems they (Product Teams) should solve? Answering that question is what product strategy is all about. (more)

Traditional "management", even most software product management, is Industrial-Age Command-and-Control thinking that is net-negative for managing creatives. We need re-framing of Agile Software Development with a business-creating software Product Development mindset. Rapidly Iterative based on FeedBack. Part of Strategic Agility. A bit post-Lean-Startup. This is my Product Development Process. (more)

Martin Cagan: Product Vision vs. Mission. The product vision is one of the most important and highest-leverage tools for tech-powered product companies. (more)

Jul15'2020 Barrington, IL has announced its plan for re-opening in the days of coronavirus. (more)

EmailList/Newsletter host service. (more)

Traditionally a smallish-distribution printed publication, like a magazine or newspaper. Now more often distributed as Email List. Basis for Personal Media Franchise.

Adrian Hon says that Serious Games (Computer Game) can't Change The World - inspiring other people to Change The World doesn't count (as much). On the whole, though, Urgent Evoke – and the rest of these projects – appear to be more like networked creative writing exercises than games that improve the world in a direct, measurable way... I find games like World Without Oil and Urgent Evoke very interesting, because I like the idea of people writing about the future; you don’t know what you think until you’ve said it out loud, or better yet, written it down. In a way, these games help people think things through (Sense Making), which can only be a good thing. I also give a lot of credit to them for inspiring people, particularly younger people who spend a lot of time online (even if the player numbers need a lot of improvement). (more)

Andy Matuschak is trying to use SRS in multiple ways. (more)

Nathan Lewis is not a fan of the Bicycle. In a a properly designed Traditional City, most people don't need bicycles. This is true even today. In cities where people often do not own a car, such as New York or Hong Kong or Paris, these non-car-owning people usually do not own a bicycle either. Or, if they happen to own a bike, they do not use it every day as a transportation device. They get by just fine on foot, and using the transportation options available, especially trains and, if a train is not available, a bus. Occasionally a taxi. A bike is best as a least-desirable option, for those trips that are too long to walk comfortably, and not convenient by either train or bus.


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