West Side Stadium

Sports Stadium being discussed for the West Side of NYC. Would be a new home for the Jets football team (now in NJ), and a key part of the NYC Olympics 2012 bid.

I'm against both the stadium and the bid.

The Olympics decision will be made July6'2005.

Olympics bid booster site: http://www.nyc2012.com/

Stadium booster site: http://www.westsidestadium.org or http://www.westsidestadium.com

Site protesting stadium.

Site protesting stadium, olympics, and other related stupid development plans.

Opposed by Madison Square Garden (owned by Cable Vision).

The stadium site land is actually owned by the MTA.

Brian Hatch's site - he's in favor of the Olympics, but wants it to stay in Queens.

Jim Knipfel suggests making it a Referen Dum.

Matthew Callahan writes In March 2004, the Post reported that the Olympics' estimated cost of $3.6 billion, as calculated by the city, did not include the Jets arena, an Olympic Village in Long Island City and myriad other yet-to-be-built facilities that would push the cost past $12 billion. (The official figure was grudgingly adjusted to $7.2 billion.) New York's true financial commitment remains a mystery, since Mayor Bloomberg refuses to release the official agreement he submitted to the IOC on November 15.

The Olympics IOC visit to NYC will be Feb20.

Retired-UsSenate member George Mitchell is the arbitrator resolving site property valuation disputes.

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