not an EBook, but something more (but digital is a complement to a primary-traditional artifact)...

possible meta/goals:

  • HyperText cross-reference

  • add corrections and updates

  • add outside knowledge

  • grow a community, etc.

  • sell more print books

  • make money other ways?

  • distinguish your original ideas from other people's?

  • avoid annoyance of Comment Spam

Some approaches to taking a "finished" book and working with a Wiki. See related: Book Server.

  • publishing it as a Personal Wiki editable only by yourself

  • treat Public Wiki space as a supplement - make a node for each idea/topic in the book, maybe with a sentence or two to connect things, then let the community go from there

  • go ahead and put the entire contents into a Public Wiki and let them mix-master

  • put contents into a Public Wiki but only let others append to each page, not edit what's above.

    • or could put comments on entirely different pages, but I don't like that model as much...
  • ??

Other macro changes to this model:

  • write the whole thing as a public wiki, with other people's help, as long as they know up front that you're going to keep all the money! Publish Then Filter Then Package

Another spin: WikiEbook.

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