Public Wiki

a Wiki where anyone can read, edit, create pages, etc.

This is what most people think of when they think of Wiki - e.g. Wiki Wiki Web, Wikipedia

What if there's one "owner" of the space? e.g. Phil Jones

  • maybe he has explicit special powers vs anyone who adds stupid things, etc.

  • or maybe the software doesn't give such power, but he legally/financial owns it, can shut it down, move it, etc.

I'm a bit dubious as to how well this works. Or, rather, in how many contexts it will work.

And I'm not even talking about Wiki Spam management.

In think in Team Work, esp D And D, the Real World provides a FeedBack loop toward Convergence. That's a TeamWiki.

For a broad Virtual Community, I do not believe that such Convergence happens. So the everyone-edit-all model of Wiki tends to lead to various forms of "shouting" that are harder to ignore than a more structure Discussion Forum medium.

I think Wikipedia regulates this via its Neutral Point Of View model, but that's not appropriate for most spaces.

I think Wiki Wiki Web has had plenty of times where lots of members have been unhappy because of a small number of "shouters", and these weren't even intentional-trolls.

But I could be wrong.

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