Wilhelm Reich

Reich's idea of "muscular armour" – the expression of the personality in the way the body moves – influenced innovations such as body psychotherapy, Gestalt therapy, bioenergetic analysis, and primal therapy.[5] His writing influenced generations of intellectuals; he invented the phrase "the sexual revolution".[6] During the 1968 student uprisings in Paris and Berlin, students scrawled his name on walls and threw copies of The Mass Psychology of Fascism at police. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wilhelm_Reich

Reich extended Sigmund Freud's 'abreactive theory' into new realms with his 'Peer Gynt' paper, which led to Reich joining the Vienna Psychoanalytic Society in 1920. Reich argued that neurosis was a form of stasis, laying the groundwork for dynamic evolutionary psychology. His most important early writings were 'The Function of the Orgasm' (1927), which extended Freud's 'libido' human sexuality theory and revealed the formula of 'Tension, Charge, Discharge, Relaxation'; 'Character Analysis' (1933), which continued his 'Sex-Pol' sociological analyses and 'Character Armor' concept; and 'The Mass Psychology Of Fascism' (1933), a brilliant angry polemic which exposed the 'Group-Think' and emotional personality engineering at the core of the Communist and Nazi parties (Reich was denounced vigorously in return and forced to flee to Denmark and Sweden, settling in Norway). Reich's book 'The Sexual Revolution' (1936) consolidated his early period. Genital gratification and the avoidance of compulsory sex-morality was touted as the key to avoiding a Pathological society (influencing Anton LaVey and the early Church of Satan (Satanist)).

Orgone theory

books burned by the Nazis in 1933 - http://www.alternativescience.com/bioenergy.htm

books burned by the AMA/FDA in the 1950s

He died in the Fed Pen in Lewisburg (Pennsylvania again!) in 1957.

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