(2010-11-09) Robb Intentional Economy As Service

John Robb suggests that new Economic System-s will be delivered as software services. Economy as Intentional Community without having to move. A plethora of new economic systems within which you can Make A Living (all you need to do is Opt In to the one that makes sense to you). The ability to build and experiment with new rules that both fix the increasingly dire problems with the current dominant economic system while providing new capabilities and avenues for success (new currencies, new incentive structures, new forms of status, etc.)... This spread of this revolution won't involve protest, riots, or wars. It will simply be an opt-in... One potential outcome of this are virtual City State-s (Virtual State)... (will) operate within the current economy and against (Route Around) it at the same time. Competition with the current economy for participants... (will) accelerate the build-out of Resilient Community-s.

Hmmm, can't escape your BigGov tax structures, Red Tape rules, etc...

Nov16 update: he coins the term Behavior Bloc to apply Real World Game rules.

Nov22 update: he's Framing this as Meta Currency design now. Not looking for a generic one-dimensional currency, encrypted or not. I'm looking for a currency that can encapsulate a business process. (Real World Game) (He intends no connection to the already-existing Metacurrency Project.)

Nov25 update clarifying things: Basically, what this metacurrency project is about (at least my intent) is to find a way to rapidly build successful open source ventures (Virtual Company) (and over time: build an open source economy). These open source ventures: generate incomes (Make Money) for the participants ($$, yen, Gold, Euros, food, etc.) (CoOp); automate the allocation of rewards based on contribution (Whuffie); and don't require a corporate hierarchy/bureaucracy to manage them (which ultimately dooms every corporation to stagnation/death/inefficiency (Pathological)) (Adhocracy?). The short term objective of the project is to build a Social Network-enabled Internet venture, using metacurrencies, that proves the concept.

Nov27: he hopes that metacurrencies can be shared across "ventures" to make it easier to create new ventures.

Update: there's a discussion thread about trying to recreate GroupOn as a CoOp.

Jan06'2011: he's now moving toward leading development of a venture called PictureThis.

May23'2011: The same amplification that makes it possible for small groups of terrorists/guerrillas to do incredible damage/challenge nation-states can be used to build a successful organization. In short, this rule means that you should provide the people working with your organization all of the tools they need to be economically successful. In particular, these tools need to be networked tools (Collaboration Ware). Tools that amplify every action taken by 1,000 fold. Further, on a motivational level, these people should be allowed to innovate. To become entrepreneurs that are constantly striving to maximize their potential. Allow them the flexibility to try new ideas, change up the processes used, and pioneer new areas for expansion. The objective is to fill your entire organization with Super Empowered Entrepreneur-s.

May25: when I Commented about my concern about scenario where someone creates lots of (asset) value but leaves project before that turns into cash-flow, John said that they've solved that problem, and aren't using BetterMeans anymore.

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