(2011-06-24) Robb Open Venture Funded

John Robb's Open Venture from, which became Picture Coop, has gotten some outside investment.

They have a Miiu site up - I think that's the meta-group that is spawning Picture Coop.

  • lots of recent notes on their Twitter feed.
    • some bits on their reward-allocation model
      • We compensate founders by sharing a pool of net revenue (10%) with the group based on the number of months and effort (full/part) put in.
      • Once the site is up, we share most of the remaining net revenue with the people building the site. No specialized skills needed to join.
  • they're also using their Public Wiki to document tools/ideas to support a Resilient Community (Un Civilization Technology).
    • they're going to compensate people who post on the wiki based on pageviews. Of course, that presumes an income for the wiki.

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