(2011-12-15) Mindjet Buys Thinkingspace Hobbles Features

Mind Jet bought the Thinking Space Mind Mapping app for Android which I use on my Nexus One (for my To-Do List) and on my Archos70 (for general Mind Mapping). They've killed the cloud-DataSynch feature that used to work so nicely. You can still email yourself a copy, which I suppose provides Back Up, but isn't very convenient for actual Synch. People are rather pissed. They seem to have screwed up the communication here.

Mar'2013: now can't see any way to email myself a Mind Map from my Mobile. And if I make a FreeMind map on my Lap Top and email it to my phone, it doesn't seem possible to import it into Mind Jet. (And an individual license of Mind Jet is $15/mo!!!)

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