(2012-06-28) Tiddly Space Progress

Chris Dent examines Tiddly Space progress over the past year, esp since 2011-04-15-TiddlyPlanning. As we look into another year, we need to make some decisions about how to arrange resources. I think there are three major areas where focus can go. We don't have to choose just one, but we at least need to have some Vision about what we are doing. As always, I vote option3 (user-centered features)!

Matt Lucht prefers developer-supporting features to grow the EcoSystem. I see his point, but think that developers need either inspiration or a user-base before they jump on a new platform.

BenGillies says: we should build stuff that helps Tiddly Space become a better Wiki, and we should build stuff that helps people interact with and find/use/reference stuff that other people create.

Maybe it's a good time to build an RSS-based Open Twitter crossed with a WikiLog that supports Sister Sites! See 2012-06-13-TwitterMetaTagExpandedTweets.

  • Update: discussing this a little here. Chris Dent comments: Another problem, at least for me personally, is that I don't want to be bring mundane social-ness to my internet behaviors and properties. I don't want to have small talk in person, why would I want to on the internet? Thus the problem moves for me to one of activating or engaging discoverability and reuse rather than federation or Real Time-ness (Slow World). The web already has good info on it, and is already hypertextual, but it is not put to its most excellent use that much. It could be, but the truth is perhaps that people, in the main, neither want it nor really need it. My faith in the HyperText bring about the eschaton (Evolution) has been rather tested over the last few years. I still believe but I struggle to act with real passion.
  • My 3 non-Twitter suggestions for audiences/partners:
    1. Students, esp at a school focused on Project Based Learning. (See schools written about in Tony Wagner's last 2 books - 2012-04-19-WagnerCreatingInnovators.)
    1. Grownups currently tending to work alone, often as consultants, wishing to team up to actually accomplish something. The Next Edge crowd on FaceBook might apply here, if you believe they actually have the potential to get something done. (Group Forming Networks, Virtual Company)
    1. Yet another approach: team up with Dave Winer to build different parts of an EcoSystem.

Oct'2012 update: Chris Dent re-raises the question.

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