Tiddly Space

Tiddly Wiki tiddler-reuse/publishing model. WikiFarm.


Some stuff I added: http://billseitz.tiddlyspace.com/

Instructions for creating a Private Wiki Notebook (see Picking A Wiki For Your Private Notebook)

  • go to http://tiddlyspace.com/
  • fill out create-space form - you don't even have to give them an email address!
  • note that this space isn't private, so the initial/default pages it creates are publicly readable - but those are just generic "Getting Started" kinda info, so they don't really matter.
  • you can think of "tiddler" as being the same thing as "page"
  • click the "new tiddler" near the top/right corner of the page (in the 2nd ribbon)
  • click the "private" radio button in the new-tiddler form, plus give it a name (using Smashed Together Words!) and some content.
  • click the checkmark button above the new-tiddler-name field to Save the page
  • update: probably better to look at TankWiki now.

See 2010-09-15-[[Tiddly Space]].

RSS feed for any space: http://tiddlyspace.com/recipes/{space}_public/tiddlers.atom

Mar'2011: does it need a Focus? 2011-03-28-Dent[[Tiddly SpaceDirection]]

Sept'2011: Chris Dent's [list](http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/bags/cdent_public/tiddlers/Top%2010%20Tiddly Space%20Features%20You've%20Never%20Heard%20Of) of top-10 features you've never heard of.

May'2012: Chris Dent [says](http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/bags/cdent_public/tiddlers/What%20Is%20Tiddly Space%3F) For me, Tiddly Space is supposed to be a tool for semi-passive Dialogue. An engine around which people do compare and constrast. Not a person. People. It hybridizes the wiki concept by allowing individuals (and groups) to maintain their own knowledge networks augmented, supported and refined by other people's networks. (WikiWeb; Smallest Federated Wiki?)

Tiddlers [are](http://cdent.tiddlyspace.com/bags/cdent_public/tiddlers/Tiddly SpaceIdentity) a tool for people to gather their individual thoughts in small chunks. Tiddly Web is a tool to make those thoughts accessible in a network. Tiddly Space is a tool to compare thoughts with others, and learn more.

Feb'2013: Is it dying? Consider TankWiki - 2014-02-15-Dent[[TankWiki]]

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