(2013-07-24) Rosen Personal News Franchise

Jay Rosen: Yesterday the buzz in newsland was all about Nate Silver’s decision to move his Five Thirty Eight.com franchise from the New York Times to ESPN... Let’s step back from the sniping to look at the rise of the Personal Media Franchise site, which Silver said was a big factor in his decision.

Feb'2014: What I’m calling the personal franchise model in journalism is not new. IFStone’s Weekly was a personal franchise — it fit the definition I am about to give you — and he started that in 1953. He has additional examples, and note that 2 from before have changed: the All Things D team has become ReCode (completely independent), and Ezra Klein has become "ProjectX" at Vox Media. It seems odd he hasn't included Pierre Omidyar's First Look Media, which he is advising.

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