(2013-09-26) Benson Markov Chain Tweets

Buster Benson has made a separate Twitter account fed by a Markov Chain of his past Tweets, inspired by the Horse Ebooks bot. (TwitterBot?)

I responded MarkovTweets are the new Tag-Cloud.

I also wondered why limit it to Tweets and not WebLog posts?

This reminds me a cool little story Les Orchard put up at the beginning of the year. I replaced myself with a not-so-small shell script! (cf Mind Upload) Couldn't this be a form of LifeBox? Esp if you expose it as an IrcBot or an XMPP ChatBot! Heh, I already pondered the idea of feeding this into an ELIZA bot - 2011-12-21-RuckerLifeboxUpdateStross

And if you have a big history of notes, I wonder if this would be a better Search Engine interface to your own stuff than what you get from Devon Think or EverNote, etc.

Oct'2013 update: just found this bit by Clyde De Souza: What if we can use Augmented Reality to bring the dead to life? Could we “interact” with Dirrogates – (Digital Surrogate-s) of people living or Dead? One of Quantum Archeology’s (cl)aims is: ”Any long dead person is likely to be describable & therefore resurrectable.”

May'2014: Quinn Norton's "Agency" story gives a creepier flavor of this. Their instructions to the child’s agent are pretty clear. Clean it up, cover it up, pretend nothing happened.

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