(2014-06-21) Strong Kahabele School

Michael Strong and Khotso Khabele announced our new school project in Austin Tx, Khabele Strong Incubator, for ages 11-18. (Private School, Middle School, High School)

Sept'2015: Strong says my current strategy for escape velocity is to break the logjam through a slightly unorthodox, but increasingly viable, College Admission strategy: 1) Great SAT scores 2) A handful of good scores on AP (Advanced Placement exams 3) Superb projects (Saturday Morning Project). I know several college admissions officers (including Yale) who have validated this approach and high-end Home-School-ers have been doing it for years. The academic portion takes relatively little time, compared to mainstream secondary schooling, thus allowing a lot of time for projects. Moreover, my Socratic Practice cranks up SAT verbal scores better than anything out there - and yet we are having great open-ended conversations on ideas every day rather than "covering" BS. We also have a very strong writing program that focuses on meaningful, relevant, real world writing. Thus it is possible to escape the system, but it is a challenge. It also helps that I'm now in Austin, and most of our parents are entrepreneurs or creative professionals who realize the existing system is BS.

  • he specifically refers to How To Be A High School Superstar
  • I questioned whether AP tests pull in too fat a Curriculum, and he responded They only need two or three AP courses. It is useful to expose students to the concept of a mainstream course. AP Lit and AP History can be done mostly Socratically. But three AP courses over the course of four years of HS is nothing.

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