(2015-08-01) Rao BreakingSmart Season1

Venkatesh Rao has an online EBook-ish essay series out called "Breaking Smart Season1" - Tinkering, Network Culture, Software Is Eating The World, Reality Hacker, etc.

Jan'2016: I re-read my highlights and spewed a Tweet Storm. Esp recommended for parents, teachers, Ed Tech people, students, reality hackers, uh everyone.

  • true north in software is often the direction that combines ambiguity and evidence of fertility in the most alluring way: the direction of maximal interestingness

Mar'2016: Tiago Forte wrote his own summary. These failures don’t happen despite planning and prediction, they happen because of them. They happen because we insist on planning and predicting a world that is no longer predictable.

Eventually (2018) came out as ebook ASIN:B079Q77446

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