(2015-11-22) Dignan Picking Self-Organization Model

Aaron Dignan on How to choose a model of Self Organization that works for you... (cf 2013-12-23-3NewOrganizationModels)

While the reality is incredibly complex, there seem to be two characteristics that have the biggest impact which new form of self-organization will fit and spread. Scale (in terms of headcount - 3 levels) and Risk (in terms of exposure to serious consequences - 2 levels). (Reminds me of Alistair Cockburn's matrix that includes Crystal Clear.)

Low ScaleMediumHigh
Low RiskOpenAllocation, Holacracy, Sociocracy; Buffer, Medium Agile Squads, Niels Pflaeging, Holacracy, Open Allocation; Spotify, Zappos, Valve SoftwareTeamOfTeams, Self Management; Morningstar, JSOC
HighHolacracy, SkunkWorksTeamOfTeams, Self Management; Morningstar, JSOCLattice Organization, Open Organization, Chaordic; W L Gore, RedHat, Haier, Buurtzorg

cf Agile Product Development

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