Agile Product Development

Traditional "management", even most software product management, is Industrial-Age Command-and-Control thinking that is net-negative for managing creatives. We need re-framing of Agile Software Development with a business-creating software Product Development mindset. Rapidly Iterative based on FeedBack. Part of Strategic Agility. A bit post-Lean-Startup. This is my Product Development Process.

I sometimes frame this as Flow-based Product Development.


compare to Agile Manifesto?

inspired mainly by


Product Team Members Report to the Team Leader.

Mission/Vision/Lean Canvas -> Product Vision/Product Strategy -> OKR

Development Queue driven by BottleNeck-oriented OpportunitySolutionTree.

Continuous Discovery for OODA for Compounding value.


Every team can deploy multiple times per week. Near-Continuous Delivery.


Matrix management

Big Projects ("Product Projects should be Cattle, not Pets") (hah note "Pet Project" AntiPattern)


Gantt Chart

Sprints, Velocity

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