(2018-11-29) Next Open Infrastructure

Tim Berners-Lee projects like Solid generally turn me off because they seem to fight against Worse is Better and not provide a simple/fast path to getting benefits. But...

I'm also pondering big-vision HiveMind ideas

  • Daemon
  • Maneki Neko
  • Whuffie
  • (though part of me wonders if these are red herrings, unrealistic distractions that would lead to design trade-offs for which the benefit would never appear because it really requires AGI...)

And smaller visions (Global Brain?)

Also mixing in: Tribe, NeuroTribe, EVoting, VirtualState...

Vs current CultureWar/SocialMedia mess...

And I get very nervous about

It kinda feels like IndieWeb and Mastodon/ActivityPub are fighting the last war.

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