(2020-06-27) Ways To Nudge Future

Talking to OpenGlobalMind folks has me pondering ways to nudge toward an Optimistic Near Future Vision.

Focus on immediate Grand Challenges?

Places To Intervene In A System: from Huge Invention down to Claim-Refactoring Service down to StoryTelling and ShitPosting: tweet

Jan'2021: Digital Garden's place in the Big Picture

Jul07'2021: Network Enlightenment

Aug'2021: turning into theory of change diagram, including connections to DAOs and Digital Gardens.

Sept16'2021: augmenting human intellect is the best

Sept25'2021: coreload tweets: Every software tool should be a "tool for thought" and every "tool for thought" should also be a "tool for appropriate action". (actionable Tools for Thought; Idea Machine)

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