Optimistic Near Future Vision

My vision coming from 2011-04-27-OptimisticNearFutureVision...

Micro: LeanFamily, LifestyleDesign

Also inspired by FractallyGenerativePatternLanguage, NetworkEconomy


Gas $8/gal (aka non-Cheap Oil). So imports reduced and more-expensive, but not gone.

FederalGovernment reduced (defense, non-core departments)

Commodity hard goods still mass-manufactured. Though more domestically.

Retail Future

  • AmaZon winning at commodities
  • local/Small Retail is more about experiences
    • restaurants, coffee shops
    • craft shops, studio spaces

More LocalFood: more people (10% of pop?) making it in Family Farm?

Suburbs reduced, more people in CitySize 50k UrbanVillage (PopulationDensity not quite Queens: 20k/sqmi) clusters along Commuter Train lines.

BigCos keep dying. Not being replaced by new ones. Still have them for those mass-manufacturing areas, but hit maturity and low-margin. More people have to be FreeAgent

People reduce expenses

Software used daily - 2016-02-19-RaoUnicornsAndBandwagons

Making the above more Actionable

Taking some process from Taylor Pearson:

Vague Goal for Schooling: see Generative Schooling examples

VagueGoal for Urban Village:

  • more cities with 75k+ people at 20k/sqmi.
  • Better city schools (more, smaller, diverse) (see prev item)

VagueGoal for NetworkEconomy

My "Means" for all these

  • MyStrengths: PM/CTO team leading
  • writing? Not really, small audience, I have no influence.

Update: see Aug'2021 notes/Miro-diagram at (2020-06-27) Ways To Nudge Future

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