Adding Product To Your Startup Team

When you start Growing Your Startup Tech Product Team, one of both of your Founders typically fills the Product Management role.

There are a variety of reasons this should come to an end....

Some people say you should wait until you reach Product-Market Fit.

If you get immediate traction from your MVP, maybe that will work.

But if you need serious Customer Discovery, a co-founder probably won't have the time/focus to do that, and is probably a little over-committed to the initial vision/plan.

Likewise, this is not the time to hire a "junior" (3-5yrs experience) Product Manager: such a person hasn't seen a broad enough variety of challenges to have the "product taste" necessary to find the path to success. (A-Player)

What should that Product person do when they arrive? Product Management from MVP to Product-Market Fit


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