A collection, typically of WebLog entries. Kinda like a Top Ic. Bigger buckets than KeyWord-s.

Wiki uses categories, more commonly as a page "type" designator. See Wiki Wiki Web:WikiCategories - these are used with BackLinks as a searching mechanism.

But in a sense, every WikiWord As Tag.


  • by having a separate RSS feed for each, a reader can limit himself to just a subset of a writer's flow. (Actually few WikiEngine-s offer a category-specific RSS feed.)
    • this lets one potentially avoid cat pictures
    • this can have value in a Corporate Blogging context by letting an employee track just a certain subset of flow from staff groups like HR
    • note that both examples require the category grouping used by the writer to match the criteria on which readers would like to discriminate.
  • a reader happening upon a single article can find other "similar" or "related" articles by browing the category.

Typically there's a flat list of Category values, with any given entry being assigned to 1-or-more buckets. But Dave Winer is (Nov'03) starting to use a hierarchy of categories - a Taxonomy?

Paul Perry on Classifying. And his list of Category-s.

Jorge Luis Borges reference from George Lakoff's Women, Fire, And Dangerous Things (What Categorys Reveal about the Mind) ISBN:0226468046

Issues for Steven Baum's Linux Software Encyclopedia. here is an attempt to gradually categorize at least some of the entries herein, although I fully realize that any categorization scheme is ultimately arbitrary and conjectural.

see Model Theism

cf Topic Model

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