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Thoughts on the proper use of WebLog-s (Wiki) within the Corpor Ate/Enterprise environment...

The Team Is The Focus: the key unit of enterprise communication.

Plumbing: make sure tools are available securely from outside the FireWall. For most environments simple HTTP Basic Authentication is fine (but I'm not by-nature a Security freak).

Transparency will make latent cultural problems visible. Embrace that. What appears to be a crisis is just the end of an illusion.

  • the "team" includes the Onsite Customer (at least the internal one).

  • conflict is best reduced through human relations and communication, not through bureaucracy. See Agility Vs Conflict.

For enterprise/Intranet benefit, focus on

  • Search Engine (Google Box)

  • using tools that provide an RSS feed

  • maybe a Portal tool (server-side RssAggregator)

    • should this include employee personal sites? see below
  • maybe some traffic analysis (most popular pages across enterprise), link/referer analysis, etc.

Should company-run WebLog-s be used as a marketing communciation vehicle (Marketing Blog)?

  • I think employees should be encouraged to maintain their Humanity at all times. Keeping a Human Voice in marcomm is just one part of this.

  • But I think attempts to institutionalize this will backfire. The most important thing to women is sincerity - once you can fake that, you're in.

Employees should feel free to run personal WebLog-s, where they may talk about their work and other things. (Personal Vs Team Writing)

  • I think these should be treated as hobbies

  • They should be hosted off-site. Employees should not be reimbursed for software, hosting fees, etc.

  • No "official" corporate site should point to employee offsite blogs (unless perhaps deep within a community-interaction area, if such blogs contain relevant content, and then they should be mixed in with non-employee equivalent blogs).

  • You should have a corporate policy similar to the one at Groove to set some basic guidelines.

  • but every Free Agent should have his own person WikiLog..

    • portions of which might be relevant to his "job", and which might be read and commented on by his co-workers, in contexts that are not proprietary/operational (e.g. commenting on external news/ideas, relatively abstract discussions, etc.)

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