College Education

Bridge between Educating Kids and Educating Adults.

College Tuition continues to increase faster than inflation.

People believe it's increasingly important to survive in the New Economy.

But I wonder whether that's going to suddenly change. Are people really getting much from college, or is it just a Branding/Signalling game? If there's no more security in BigCo employment, then does the Certification lose its value?

Does college become less important if High School does a better job?

Should you set up a College Savings account for your child/grandchild?

Jan'2011: James Altucher offers 8 alternatives (including starting your own business (Start Up))

Craziness of college rankings.

Overlapping categories of College Major-s

  • good luck picking your major: they're all terrible!
  • Bryan Caplan estimates the College Premium (Making A Living) for each major. The real winner in this table, I do declare, is Economics. I've long told my undergrads, "Economics is the highest-paid of all the easy majors." Still, the magnitudes surprised me. After adjusting for pre-existing ability, male econ majors (+60%) are almost as well-paid as male electrical engineers (+63%). Given engineers' workload, they definitely seem to get the short end of the stick.
  • Liberal Arts
    • should this include StudiesStudies?
  • STEM (the statistics for this include PreMed)
  • PreMed and PreLaw
  • other Vo-Tech: business, agriculture, architecture, etc.
  • Fine Art
  • ???

Why do people seek a Bachelors College Degree?

Systems tracking college graduates for employment/income: College Scorecard

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