College Tuition

Cost (just for classes) of College Education.

Increasingly requires Student Loan-s - Financial Aid is not enough. Cause-effect?

Cornell University: $35k in 2007-2008. $41k for 2011-12.

University Of California: (State University)

  • out-of-state: $34k for 2010-11.
  • $12k for in-state

Free universities:

It always surprises me that the list of most expensive colleges includes a number of cases that are (a) not Ivy League, and (b) focused on Liberal Arts (meaning they're pre-UnEmployment).

Why Does College Cost So Much ISBN:0199744505 pub-2010 by Robert Archibald and David Feldman

cf Cost Disease

Stats on cost increases are very confusing and inconsistent

  • some focus on private universities
  • others focus on in-state tuition for state colleges - where the issue is (probably?) less about cost (expenditure) increases and more about price increases as states don't increase their tax subsidy.

Marginal cost of instruction:

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