Conscious Culture

Culture that is the result of Conscious Design.

Michael Strong term.

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  • Jan'2012: The Conscious Creation of Culture as the Goal of Education (Goal Of Educating Kids) - Ideally we would have a steadily growing education industry in which millions of educators worked for competing visionary companies, each of which was trying to produce an ever more optimal environment for human development – physically, socially, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually, for the next generation of young human beings. In such a world, millions of increasingly conscious educators would become ever more sophisticated artists creating ever more subtle symphonies of behaviors that resulted in new generations of healthier, happier human beings. For me, the logic of this vision is so clear and compelling, whenever I see particular campaigns against television, obesity, bullying, addiction, consumerism, gang violence, rape and sexual abuse, etc. I always sympathize with the cause – and think that most of the time the proposed solutions will do relatively little to improve the situation. But the creation of conscious cultures through educational innovation will. (Piece Meal Social Engineering)

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