Goal Of Educating Kids

What is the goal/Mission of Educating Kids?

Key/meta answer: everyone gets to pick their own, just like the Meaning Of Life. But

  • most people don't actually have one, other than "get done"
  • some answers are better than others.

Some pages to see:

We want our kids to end up as young adults capable of Making A Living (esp after Economic Transition to New Economy), understanding the universe, dealing appropriately/adaptively with their fellow humans, and being responsible citizens of an Open Society. Grow a Remarkable Life. Be More Fully Human, not a NPC. We want to be Raising Reality Hackers with Agency!

School Choice, School Reform

How To Raise Reality Hackers - Renaissance Man, Hacker, Designer

Sudbury School: send out to the world students are are able to cope responsibly with the challenges of life in a free society

Disrupting Class

Conscious Culture


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