Digital Video Camera

Video Camera storing in digital format.

Feb'2014 - considering alternatives

Flip is convenient, but I think it's only offering 2x (digital) zoom, which isn't enough for school functions.

My Canon Power Shot SD-850-IS Digital Camera bought in 2007 has 4x.

I think my HTC One S phone has 4x. But I feel like I get more jittery video from it.

My Nikon D40X Digital SLR doesn't do video.

Wondering if I should buy Canon Vixia-HF-R400-HD-53x for $240. 32x optical-zoom. Or $300 for their R500 coming Mar21'2014 with a more refined image stabilization feature.

  • don't think the panasonic-hc-v720 is worth $600+ to me.

Bought Flip Video in 2011 - 2009-03-20-CiscoBuyingFlip

2007 - I'm considering buying one to replace my old/clunky MiniVhs Video Camera.

Woot! [has]( Entry.aspx?Blog EntryId=1347) a $200 refurb JVC miniDV tape unit.

Getting a mini-DVD-based camera sounds more convenient (since I don't anticipate doing lots of editing). The rewritable options include DVD-RAM for Panasonic camcorders or DVD -RW/+RW for Hitachi and Sony camcorders. It's important to determine the compatibility with your home DVD player before going with a DVD Camcorder, as users are presented with the same -RW, +RW compatibility issues that exist with PC-based DVD recorders. The latest DVD-based camcorders also provide support for write-once discs such as DVD-R and DVD+R, which means that, once finalised, the disc can be played on most DVD players without any trouble.

  • I have a Panasonic VHS/DVD player - I think it's the PV-D4745K (that's definitely the one I bought for my mother) - * offers playback of DVD-R, DVD-RAM, CD-R, CD-RW, VCD and CD, plus MP3 and JPEG* - but I'm not sure - the model number isn't on the front.

    • actually, it's the older D4743. It can play DVD, DVD-R ("DVD-Video formatted disks"), Video CD, Cd, CD-R, CD-RW; handles WMA, MP3, JPEG. Cannot play DVD-RAM, DVD+RW, CD-ROM, CFV, Divx, Photo Cd, etc.
  • C Net editors rate the Canon DC-40 best of those supporting DVD-R, costing over $600. Ack - A partly filled DVD-R requires almost half a minute before the camcorder is ready to record. Once you're ready to go, you'll always have a couple of seconds of lag between pressing record/stop and the action occurring.

On the other hand, could I transfer from camera to my IBook then write disks for permanent storage? My aging IBook handles just DVD-ROM and CD-RW (Combo Drive, not Super Drive). OK, so I could write CD-RW and play those on my DVD player. But what a pain in the butt! (Or I could just leave them on hard drive, and deal with Back Up fears.)

Outcome Jun'2007: bought the Canon DC-50 camera that stores to DVD-R. The guy in the store says there's no lag problem except for 10sec when you format a new disk.

It can store stills to the DVD or to a Mini[[SD]] card. I eventually bought the latter (actually I bought a Micro[[SD]] with a Mini[[SD]] adaptor). It's rather slow at taking pictures, though, so only a last resort if I didn't bring a Digital Camera or Film Camera.

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