my Lap Top as of Dec'2004, because:

  • wife and kids may get more into computers in next couple years, and want a single platform that will be easy for everyone to deal with

  • want something with no virus hassles (though I honestly haven't had problems with that - I run ZoneAlarm and it does the job)

  • seems great at dealing with sleep-mode and WiFi

  • LinuxOS just smells like a nightmare with laptops, so at least this way I have FreeBSD underneath MacOs X

Need to start picking replacements for my MsWindows apps, and moving data.

  • downloaded Fu Gu for SSH/SCP

    • actually it doesn't so SSH, it does SSH tunnelling. So I'm just using Terminal for SSH right now.

Been trying to stick with Saf Ari/MailApp, but MailApp is smelling like its support for authoring HTML stinks: (a) Drag And Drop of table from web page doesn't seem to work right, and (b) can't seem to stick an href behind a label (rather than showing the entire URL, which may be huge). Both of those are show-stoppers for me, so I'll go Mozilla. More precisely, I guess I'll go FireFox/ThunderBird (though it still seems silly to me to have the 2 apps instead of the integrated Moz).

Going to follow Tim Bray's [advice](http://www.tbray.org/ongoing/When/200x/2003/10/01/How To Use O S X) and try Tiger Launch for launching stuff instead of the Dock.

Hmm, I wonder whether I should buy TinderBox while it's on sale, now that I'm on the right platform? Still itchy about touching a non-OpenSource app for stuff like this...

moving data

Going to try OpenOffice variant NeoOffice

  • seems to work fine, though a long highly-formatted MsWord document got its pagination changed a bit, so I bailed (on that document).

Cvs On Mac

Python On Mac

Should eventually play with DotMac.

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