Everything Is A Graph

Or, "many data objects and the relationships among them can be effectively modelled as graphs". Social Graph, Interest Graph, Work Graph, Object Browser, Graph Theory

cf FiveWhys, Hierarchical Data

I was thinking about my Object Browser frustrations again. (And Intertwingularity, and Zoe.)

And reading lots of Open Hyperdocument System info again. Which reminded me of Eugene Kim's paper (2002-03-26-b) on using graph structures to achieve InterOp (or at least data migration possibilities) among Collaboration Ware apps.

A Wiki is a graph.

If I write a Wiki Page in an outliner (Wiki And Outlining), then a single wiki page becomes a graph too! Then one could Version Control each node, make a wiki page Paragraph Addressable, etc. And maybe achieve CoOutlining.

Hack The Planet thread

So, if I want to start building an Object Browser around this idea, what Data Store do I use? MetaKit/[E4Graph]? RDF (RdfDb?)? RedFoot?

And, if I'm about to drop MsOutlook for awhile (since I'm leaving my job, I won't be tied to MsExchange), is there an EMail/PIM client (on MsWindows, no money for new laptop) that is usable, but might allow me to integrate it into something I build, so I don't have to build those core bits? What about Mozilla?

For Graph Theory see http://www.zpr.uni-koeln.de/~catbox/

An outline may be a graph, but a graph might not be an outline.

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