Garden Warren

System for certain kinds of groups to share their own digital gardens with each other, not the whole world. From Social Warrens.

A tight team should have a single shared space to force convergence/coherence.

But there may be some groups where that doesn't make sense.

So each person has his own space, with a controlled list of SisterSites....

Does Federated Wiki already support this? Even if so, might it ve better let each person pick his own tool/engine which follows Digital Garden Standards?

What kind of groups might this make sense of?

  • cluster of researchers who work semi-independently in a single field, with shared interests
  • group of people who might decide to work together, they're developing their own ideas, but not ready to commit. They don't want to share with the outside world, but will share/interact with a trusted group.

Might these group members end up competing with each other, "stealing" (adapting) ideas?

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