Information Markets

Exchanges/Market-s which try to provide liquidity value for information and ideas.

AMIX was an early market.

Idea Futures is a similar idea, but is more about predictions and uncertainty.

Reputation Management is central to an information market, to reduce the risk in relationships.

Our laboratory Minciu Sodas has a working group for engaging group minds, we're creating an economy for working publicly. But it's based on relationships, "wealth is relationships", as knowledge is worthless out of context. Andrius Kulikauskas,

I've put together short histories of six marketplaces for open source software at

Free Software Bazaar: bounty system for $50 - $100 projects Co Source: pooling $500 - $1,000 per project Open Avenue: small and medium sized projects for VB/Delphi developers Source Xchange: corporate OutSourcing $5,000 to $50,000 Asynchrony: shareware, mostly proprietary Software Carpentry: grants of $200,000 per application

Also relevant are Development Space, Open Idea Project and Think Cycle. Andrius Kulikauskas,

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