Guy Kawasaki re-FramIng of a Mission. A mantra is three or four words long. Tops. Its purpose is to help employees truly understand why the organization exists.

  • Nike has a great customer slogan, arguably one of the best customer slogans ever created: "Just do it." I love that slogan, but a slogan is not a mantra. A mantra's purpose is to remind employees what they exist for, why they go to work where they do. A Nike employee goes to work for authentic athletic performance. That's what this company stands for; that's its mantra: "authentic athletic performance."

anchor for a session of Meditation

General Self-Improvement reminders

  • Produce! Deliver the Goods!
  • CriticizeByCreating!
  • Choose!
  • Software Is Eating The World
  • Software Changes the Game
  • This Machine Kills the Status Quo
  • EntrepreneurialMomentum
  • FractallyGenerative
  • I am Broken, also (empathy)
  • Ask a More Beautiful Question
  • I Notice That I Am Confused
  • Infinite Game
  • It's Just a Ride
  • Life is a Game (Where You Make the Rules)
  • Hack Reality! Be a Reality Hacker!

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