By mid-2001 also a dessert topping, but while I was there it was a clinical Medical Website for physicians.

  • was a venture-funded spin-out from a private corporation (SCP)
  • then (Sept'1999) a public corporation
    • 2 weeks before the Lock Up period ended, Barrons ran a story on Mar20'2000 including Medscape on a list of 50 DotCom recent IPOs whose lockup would end soon and were running out of cash thus destined to go out of business - this might count as the piercing of the bubble. I thought I would get a 2nd home out of, but all I got was a DotComKitchen. And a major loan to the IRS for a year because of the AMT, which led me to write long article about Stock Options.
  • then merged with MedicaLogic (which built ElectronicMedicalRecords (EMR) software) in mid-2000
  • then that "portal" business was sold to WebMD in early 2002. The EMR business was sold to GE Healthcare. The empty MedicaLogic shell declared bankruptcy.
  • then WebMD did a re-org with a partial IPO of that business in 2005 - 2005-10-08-WebMdIpo
  • Feb-Mar'2017: started shopping the company, including consider a split-up, but instead...
  • mid'2017: bought by Internet Brands group of KKR

Some detailed history (generally tech):

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