Tim Leary "game" where you rated yourself on 16 mental attributes, and it generated a radial graph showing your state of mind. You could track changes over time, compare yourself to historical figures (rated by some expert, I guess), etc.

FaceBook app! http://www.mindmirror.com/




http://njnj.essortment.com/timothylearyin_ptv.htm - sold 30k copies



http://www.nypl.org/blog/2012/09/10/transmissions-timothy-leary-papers-what-i-thought-i-knew - includes picture of the Interpersonal Behavior Circle described below.

It's based on the "Interpersonal Behavior Circle" Personality Test - which is just the first 2 of his Eight Circuit Model Of Consciousness!

Is this the same as SKIPI? With highly interactive software, everyone in the New Age will be an author (WebLog). Robots will do all the work that professions used to do. And everyone will be freed... Leary has designed a Programming Language called SKIPI (Super Knowledge Information Processing Intelligence) that enhances self-knowledge by issuing underlying psychological tests to evaluate each person's responses... Right now I'm using SKIPI in a "book" based on Mark Twain's "HuckleberryFinn." When you start you can pick who you want to be, Becky Thatcher or Tom Sawyer. It asks you questions about yourself, like "Are you adventurous or timid?" And you have choices. When Huck goes out the window to meet Tom in the bushes, who's there, Tom or Becky? Now if you're a girl and you say Becky, it becomes a Nancy Drew thing of the two girls going down the river with Huck. But every choice in any of these books is coded with something we call "memes". They're the elements of human behavior that are passed on, just like genes pass on genetic traits. As you determine the narrative, it's a projective psychological test that gets fed back to you with these profiles and characteristics.

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