Progress Note

Whenever you spend some time on a Project, you should write a note about that "session". It can include

  • ideas
  • questions/concerns/constraints/issues
  • plan for tasks that need to be done
  • when tasks have actually been worked on and completed
  • even time where you spend chewing on something for it but come to know conclusions or action! (UnProgress).


  • so you remember the past and the future (plans)
  • so you can review your progress and jiggle things ("hmm, thought I'd be done with this by now, oh right it was because of ...") ("hmm, why is this taking so long, should I re-think how to do it, or whether to do it?")

In a work setting, I'd hope these notes would be in an Issue Tracker Wiki.

  • this can help your boss or team-mates help you with something by giving them richer Context
  • this can be helpful even years later for understanding of the process that led to an outcome

For personal projects, your Private Wiki NoteBook is good.

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