Very cool Computer Programming language:

Packaging, virtual environments, etc.: use (2023-03-27) BiteCode on Python installation and packaging esp on Mac


Bill De Hora in 2004 on the ubiquity of Python and the passing of objections

Where is Python used?

Biggest Python Open Source apps (defined as GitHub repositories with the most forks)

Learning (or Learning Programming) materials:

FSQuery library by Phil Jones to query filesystem and batch-process matches, etc.

Provisioning/deployment tools (2011):

  • also: I had to leave towards the end of the meeting, when people started to discuss the hosting aspect, so I don't have a lot to add here -- but it is interesting to me to see quite a few companies that have Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offerings for Python hosting: Django Zoom,, Gondor ( can host any WSGI application, while the Django Zoom and Gondor are focused on Django).

From 2004: Since my focus is web/net development, I'm working with Zope mainly right now.

IDE-s (see also Folding Text Editor On Mac)


  • Python Win
  • pdb/ddd, which does run on MsWindows with cygwin, etc.
  • pdb
    • insert line where you want to trigger stop: import pdb; pdb.set_trace()
    • type s or n for step or next - (The difference between next and step is that step stops inside a called function, while next executes called functions at (nearly) full speed, only stopping at the next line in the current function.)
    • type c to continue (forever, or until next break)
    • ooh, you can jump into IPython by using ipdb.

IPython enhanced Interactive Python shell

one guy's dev setup

see Unit Test

how to write 'main()' functions

Python Library Paths

Logging (new module in 2.3)

Text parsing - Paul Mc Guire's PyParsing

Documentation generation:


Python vs Java (2001):

Job listings

PIL Python Imaging Library article

persistence - see Data Store, Transparent Object Persistence

String calculation performance -

Template approaches (generating email or web page with a template file and simple variable substitution) (2003)

Python GUI Frameworks

Python Web Frameworks

Some references: 2003-01-30-BpFsmRest

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