Ruby On Rails

Web App Framework built in Ruby

Essentially driven by what they want to do with BaseCamp. So ideal for building BaseCamp-like apps.

  • on the architecture of BaseCamp:

basic info

uses YAML for config files and Unit Test data!

supports Web Services with XmlRpc and SOAP API-s

Alternative Ruby Web App Framework-s

Rails On MacOsX

Jan'2013: Giles Bowkett on the variety of Rails "stacks" used by real developers, and "application templates" to specify them.

Some notes from reading AgileWebDevelopmentWithRails ISBN:097669400X (v1)

I'm surprised that the templates they generate use HttpGet for deletes and edits.

I'm chewing over whether data validation (non-nulls, etc.) should happen in the RDBMS rather than in the code. At least for the rules that are simple enough to be easily expressed in the db engine.

  • of course, this assume that you're not using some either kind of Data Store which might not have such validation capabilities built in....

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