Rudy Rucker

Science Fiction author, mathematician, software developer.

Oct'2004 starting to blog

Author of A Writer's Toolkit

James Gleick's Chaos: The Software The software was written by Josh Gordon, Rudy Rucker and John Walker for AutoDesk.

Books include Software, WetWare, Infinity and the Mind, Mind Tools, etc.

interesting article at

His daughter Georgia Rucker is a graphics designer in NYC.

wrote a book Software Engineering and Computer Game-s ISBN:0201767910 (bah uses C++)

one of his favorite words is Gnarly (a Metaphor for Complexity, the Edge Of Chaos - Texture)

author, LifeBox

His story, "A New Golden Age", involves the idea of generating geometric figures (via brain stimulation) from mathematical theories, and the amusing Side Effect-s. (I won't give spoiler)

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