Sample Team Wiki Page List

Some people are scared of "organizing" a TeamWiki. I've never understood this, since some big benefits of a Wiki are:

  • an "organization" is just a main page listing other pages
  • you can edit that page whenever you want
  • you have make multiple organization/listing pages
    • or even have different lists repeated on the same page
    • (one obvious downside to having multiple organizations listings is that an important new page probably needs to be added to both listings - though it's often ok if you don't)
  • by getting in the habit of writing any multi-word key phrase as Smashed Together Words you tend to Automatic Linking as your re-use pages.

But, anyhow, I thought it would be helpful to dump the contents of the key page from a TeamWiki I used recently, so here it is (some of these pages are obviously mainly lists of other pages):

WikiIntroNotesForUs (this helps me explain wiki-thinking to team members who haven't used wiki before)


Business Model bits

Board Meeting


Our Social Media Plan

Alpha, Beta, Public Release

Membership Subscription, PayPal

Features For Beta

Server Hosting, Engine Yard, MySQL

SoftwareDevelopmentProcess, Setting Up New Developer, Git

Technology Platform, ExecutingTestCases, Database Schema


Marketing, Marketing Opportunity

Social Networking, Social Media



Accounting/Bookkeeping: FinancialTransactionProcedures

cf: First Pages To Create In Your Private Wiki Notebook

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