Scenes, Collaborations, Inventions, And Progress

I've been in various discussions over the years about how to either create or do-better-at group-forming for support groups, collaborations, scenes, hubs/nexus, movement, or innovation, huge invention to solve grand challenges, or progress and evolution via collective intelligence and collective action...

It's often unclear whether the participants in a given discussion are sharing the same vision, which reduces the odds of creating a plausible promise...

Because a pattern successful for 1 outcome is not necessarily going to help a different one.

My focus is on the digital garden collective intelligencehuge inventionprogressevolution side.

List of candidates to categorize

(starting chronologically) (combining too many candidates, will probably drop some)

2012: Embassy Network

2011: Leverage Research

2011: Center for Effective Altruism

2005: Singularity Institute (which spawned CFAR and MIRI)

1970: Xerox PARC Research Lab

1960: Andy Warhol's Factory

1940: Inklings

1920: Algonquin Round Table

1920: Bauhaus

1910: Bloomsbury Group

1860: Impressionists

1840: American Bloomsbury

1770: Lunar Society (Enlightenment)

1660: Royal Society of London

1640: Invisible College

1580: Florentine Camerata

1450: Florence (Leonardo da Vinci)

1417?: Republic Of Letters

-400: Athens

Things that don't seem appropriate to include

1961: Moon Mission

1942: Manhattan Project

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