Fractally Generative Pattern Language

Society Design theory: decisions at all levels can/should be biased toward "local" Agency.

Combining Fractally Open Society, Generative, Worldview Roadmap, and ideas from a variety of existing Pattern Languages.

(Note that pages referenced/linked below which have been structured as Patterns are in bold.)


  • reinforce my feeling that Emergence/Self Organization is applicable across wide scales, and want to try and create connections and semi-consistent Game Rules.
  • make Public Policy ideas more understandable to people
  • help generate ideas for a One Man Show Life Style Company, and have a design pattern that maximizes value and benefit
  • run my life in other ways that are consistent with this
  • some topics cross scales for me: for instance, my interest in Education relates to periodic school-selection choices the The Kids, affects how I try to deal with their out-of-school life, may generate Start Up ideas, relates to the types of schools I want to see created, and the Public Policy rules that encourage/discourage such variety.

Values, Meta-Themes:

Patterns, from small/local to big/global/meta

Generative Self-Improvement?

Raising Kids: Lean Family, Free Range Kids, Alternatives To Traditional Family

Educating Kids: Goal Of Educating Kids/Raising Reality Hackers, Generative Schooling, School Reform, School Choice, Product Oriented Unschooling, UnSchooling, Home-School, Good Enough School, Work Community, Lifelong Learning, Project Based Learning, Constructionism, Connectivism, Community College, Alternatives To A College Degree

Making A Living

Organizations, Teams, Groups, Coalition

Traditional City, Urban Village, Urban Pattern Language, Resilient Community, Generative Zoning

Un-Civilization Technology



Network Economy, Network Society, Cultural Pluralism

Grand Challenges to counter-design

Network Enlightenment Ecosystem, OpenNet, Disputation Arena, Webs Of Thinkers And Thoughts, WikiWeb

Collective Intelligence, Augmenting Human Intellect, Evolution


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