Self Publishing

process of doing a Route Around the Book Publishing process (or Music Industry, etc.) after Writing A Book.

Kevin Kelly recommends Dan Poynter's book.

  • and (Dec'2006) some services - see esp section listing best-sellers that were self-published.

The Self-publishing Movement reached its peak in 1995 becoming 17% of the overall comics market. A market that had grown into a billion dollar a year industry. Then, suddenly, it all came apart. Powerhouse comics publisher Marvel bought the number three comics distributor Hero's World and made their comics exclusive through them. Distributors, publishers and shop owners panicked. The next two years were marked by the collapse of the Comic Book market, and many comic book stores and publishing companies large and small went out of business. All but one of the major comic book distributors closed their doors forever. Even before the smoke had cleared, the dream was over.

Lulu (Lulu Com)

  • founded by Bob Young (of RedHat) - interview We're selling in excess of 35,000 books a month.

  • Traditional book publishers in the United States published roughly 120,000 books a year. Lulu alone published 98,000 new titles globally, created by some of our almost 1.2 million registered users.

  • support for IPhone: author pays for re-flow of PDF (blech) oriented toward smaller screen.

Mar'2012: Rudy Rucker recommends E Junkie for selling EBook-s.

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