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Apr'2015: Neil Patel on figuring out how much copy to put on your page.

examples (esp of Splash Page) from Rob Walling's Start Small, Stay Small book

Other interesting pages to consider copying

Ash Maurya's Cloud Fire (photo-sharing) iterations http://www.ashmaurya.com/2009/11/from-minimum-viable-product-to-landing-pages/

Rating some popular sites (of 2009) by the "5-second-rule".

Common problems.

5 A-B Test-s you should run.

two-sided markets and other multi-audience cases

Hosts - requirements

Hosts - alternatives

  • Un Bounce - focuses on generating variations of Splash Page for A-B Test with realtime stats.
  • Launch Rock - Viral beta-invitation distribution - sounds best for free/consumer apps.
  • KickoffLabs - seems very similar to Launch Rock, but you pay a bit more for less of their branding being around, and it seems like there's a broader inventory of features for Email List, etc.
  • Pre Finery - focus on beta-management
  • Weebly, Yola?

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