aka Taxi Cab

(notes are pre-Uber)

in NYC, 91 percent of the city's cab drivers are immigrants, almost a third of which own their vehicle, essentially making them Entrepreneur-s.

I was intrigued by the system in Winnipeg (when I was there for a few days in 1981)

  • no real market in street pickups

  • but you could call a service, and a car would be there in 5 minutes

how I think taxi Market should work

  • eliminate the medallion system, stop creating Scarcity - potentially infinite supply!

  • local govt defines a rate structure

  • cabs can have different rates, but must plug into that structure, and rates must be posted on outside of taxi

  • (maybe) local govt defines some minimal level/structure of insurance that driver must carry, and that certificate must be posted in cab. That replaces lots of supposed Quality Assurance infrastructure at the TLC.

JWZ rant

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