Tiddly Wiki

Private Wiki that stores everything in a single big file you can run locally - a One Page App


Has various packagings for specific uses

rather interesting File Format - each page/node is a single 'div' with SmartAscii content, and '\n' to break each line

they have some sort of WikiFarm now to synch with it - Tiddly Spot http://tiddlyspot.com/

I found SmartAscii Mark Up instructions at http://tiddlyspot.com/twhelp/

  • italic like //this//, bold with double-single-quotes

  • unordered list - single line-breaks, first level has no leading space, lower levels use series of * not leading spaces

  • you can inline a local file image (if it's in the same folder as the Tiddly Wiki file) with: [img[file:thena.jpg]]

  • alternative formatters http://martinswiki.com/

  • links: [url](label) (like MoinMoin but opposite order)

I used Tiddly Wiki at Living Independently to customize/deliver documentation to partners.

First created in 2004. BT bought OsmoSoft in 2007.

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