Two-Pizza Company

When the entire company is 1 Two-Pizza Team.

If revenue = $250k/employee, then 8 employees = $2M/yr revenue. At $500k/employee (which some companies seem to get close to), that's $4M/yr revenue.

Probably a BootStrap, not a "Start-Up" hoping to become a Unicorn. Still maybe some lessons at Growing Your Startup Tech Product Team.

See Indie

Probably low-touch sales model.

People: (at max)


Pinboard, Maciej Ceglowski

Buster Benson, 750 words

Bob Walsh

Marco Arment? TumblR, InstaPaper

Rob Walling

Patrick McKenzie (old days)

Jason Cohen

Amy Hoy

MarkBernstein, EastGate

Ross Mayfield

Thirty7Signals, Jason Fried (way past)

Joel Spolsky, FogCreek (way past)

Cyan Worlds: Myst

Jonathan Blow, Jason Rohrer

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