Universal Toolbox

an integrated application for reading and writing all types of content/data. Universal Inbox, Thinking Space, Universal Canvas, and more. EMail client and PIM? RssAggregator. Instant Messaging.

Are we really going to see convergence of these apps? I believe so.

Which points back to MsOutlook. And it's hopeful competition. Mozilla, OSAF/Chandler, OpenOffice glow?

see Object Browser, WikiProxy

Private Web, One Big Soup

PythonCard --2003/10/05 05:57 GMT
We all know this is coming. But in what form? I'm looking at PythonCard at the moment as something that may be the way to go on this. wxPython looks a good windows toolkit, and the idea of PythonCard (recreate HyperCard with Python libraries and scripting) is very appealing. --PhilJones

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