A web proxy Private Web that layers a Wiki namespace and auto-linking over non-wiki browser-readable pages, e.g EMail, other websites?

  • use MetaWiki/WikiGraph as db
  • what if you read a Wiki through a WikiProxy?
    • and what if you're reading a non-wiki page, but it has a WikiWord in it which is already linked to something?
    • in both cases the code has to be smart enough not to link a string that's (a) part of a tag, or (b) between href tags. (Other cases?)

As with WikiMail, deciding which namespace to support would be a killer.

  • tie to sender/poster (e.g. in Twitter)?
  • ah, think like Sister Sites - support a bunch of them!
    • hmm could lead to something like Blog Roll sharing via OPML...
    • but probably want a way to declare a primary for the page or session

Hmm, do this via Browser Extension instead of Proxy Server?

Perhaps this would make sense within a more enclosed environment, e.g. a given team's Collaboration Ware bundle... Which would also make sense in that a group could internally agree to use WikiWord styling in all contexts (and they would all be familiar with their shared namespace), not just in the TeamWiki.

More general NameSpace proxying: IntComm:LocalNameServer

Some more general Proxy Server tie-ins:

(Somehow, this reminds me of HappyNetBox, though that seems more like a PIM/Object Browser.)

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